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In this paper we introduce EyeSwipe, a dwell-time-free gaze-typing method. With EyeSwipe, the user gaze-types the first and last characters of a word using the novel selection mechanism "reverse crossing." To gaze-type the characters in the middle of the word, the user only needs to glance at the vicinity of the respective keys.
In CHI’16

In this paper we propose the Head Movement And Gaze Input Cascaded (HMAGIC) pointing technique that combines head movement and gaze-based inputs in a fast and accurate mouse-replacement interface. The interface initially places the pointer at the estimated gaze position and then the user makes fine adjustments with their head movements.

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Camera Mouse Suite - cross platform

Open source cross-platform implementation of Camera Mouse Suite (camera-based mouse-replacement interface).

Haytham - Head Mounted Gaze Tracker

Open source cross-platform gaze tracking software based on Haytham by Diako Mardanbegi’s (for Windows). Documentation (incomplete) here.